Fairy Dishwasher tablets taint everything


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We normally use finish tablets in our dishwasher but a few weeks before chrimbo decided to try Fairy ones. They were both on special but decided to try something new.

The problem is everything I use after I have washed them stinks of fake lemon perfume. I cooked beans on toast in my saucepan the other day and tasted it.

Tonight I have completely ruined a chicken stir fry done in my wok. Whilst it was cooking and after when I tried to eat it all I could taste was the fragant dishwasher tablets. I do not not use a quick dishwasher cycle either so it is not that.

After searching the net there are a few people reporting the same thing. I cannot believe my husband can not smell or taste the stuff in his food.

Anyone else tried these and not liked them?


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I had the same problem with them so stopped using them after a couple of washes. I could smell the lemon on the crockery after the wash and it put me right of my food. Horrible.


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It says new formula on the packet I bought. I am sure I have used them in the past and they were not like this. It looks like they use 3 different lemon scents according to the packet ingerdients.

I will call them up tomorrow and complain.


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Thanks, you have just made me realize what is tainting my SmartCafe mug. I thought it was the mug itself, but it's the Fairy that really attaches to the plastic.

I looked under the sink and found the Fairy stuff which will be history once we have used the pack and a half. Must have been on offer where my Mrs shops.
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I too have fallen foul of the dreaded Fairy Lemon dishwasher tablets, after buying them on offer. Everything stinks of lemon, all my plastic tubs now wreak of it, and any food stored in them now takes on the taste of Lemon detergent. My macaroni cheese yesterday was inedible :(

Changing back to Finish Quantum today!


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I complained in the end and got a £10 voucher to use on other products they produce like febreze etc.


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I recently purchased the "improved formula - new size" Fairy All in One dishwasher tablets in "tangerine and gingerflower" and have had a similar problem with tainting. No matter which programme I used every dish and consequently the food, had a nasty, bitter and unacceptable taste. I have previously used Quantum Finish or Fairy Platinum (original) with no problems but bought the new formula as it was on offer plus it looked very attractive.

I contacted Procter & Gamble and explained my concerns plus the fact that there were so many complaints voiced on the internet, but although I received a voucher I was told that there are not any quality issues nor have there been any complaints as far as he was aware!

Well I for one will avoid this product like the plague and perhaps try Aldi's own make!

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I've never liked Fairy dishwasher products. We're now using Finish liquid or powder, plus separate salt and rinse aid. It works out much cheaper, and we tend to use powder for stubborn/really dirty stuff and liquid for everything else.
In my experience the all in one tablets are expensive and don't work that well.

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