Fair price to buy used AVC1SE?


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There is an AVC1SE on Ebay with a starting price of £950 (reserve not yet met), zero bids, 2 days left. Is this seller being ambitious? I might be interested, but it seems vaguely high. I know this was originally £2500ish, but it's only a semi-out-of-date model, as I believe you can upgrade to SR spec for about £600(?).

Is it worth this price? If nobody bids and I put in a private offer, anyone have any ideas (obviously it depends whether he'll sell it for less). If I do get it, it is worth spending nearly the same amount again to upgrade to SR (is the upgrade is still available?)?

Thanks for any insights.



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An A1SE will fetch between 1100 & 1300 quid depending on condition/age etc. 950 is a bargain (provided its ok!).

Not sure if the upgrade is still available as there were a limited amount of upgrade boards. You´d need to speak to Denon UK (Hayden Labs) to see if there are any left. Tel 01753 888447.


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The avc-a1se upgrade was advertised on a separate A4 sheet with the 2001/2002 DENON catalogue that I received through the post on Monday, so I presume that the upgrade is still available.
£950 seems low for this model. I would expect to pay £1300 upwards.


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Just a few words of caution:

New seller and a reserve price that you are not aware of. Personally, I'd email him and check you can inspect if you win the auction. Also might be worth trying to ascertain the reserve price or even striking a deal privately.


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This is eBay: with ten mins to go, all the chancers will bump it up to £1200 or so, and with three seconds to spare someone will bid £1401.36. Well, that's usually how it works on there...



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I wouldn't buy anything on ebay thats expensive without collecting it personally.

If someone is going to screw me, at least I will know where they live.

Too many cowboys on there.

I recently bought a DVD which turned out to be a pirate, I emailed him and he said "I was told it was an original."

My suspicions were confirmed when he emailed LOADS of people, including me, about his "new offer" on Star Wars episode 4,5 and 6.

So I hit the "reply all" button and casually mentioned that these are pirates mastered from the NTSC laserdisc:devil:

Funnily enough, several people replied to thank me:)confused: ) and even funnier is that this trader is now no longer registered with ebay:devil: :devil: :D :devil: :devil:

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