Fair Price for a 2nd hand Hitachi 42PD3000


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Mar 27, 2003
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Someone at work has asked my advice about a fair price to pay for a 2nd hand Hitachi 42PD3000 plasma he is thinking of buying. All I know is its 3+years old, and cost £3K+ new and got goods reviews at the time. The seller wants £450 is this reasonable?
2003 set i think

not hd ready, no hdmi ports, low 1000:1 contrast ratio

technology has moved on alot since then

you can get a new 42" set hd ready for under £700, i would expect it to be better quality as well

i could be wrong ofc :p
I agree, that's well high.
I'd baulk at half that price, TBH.
I think your friend is in for a shock :(
Thanks, very helpful I'll pass it on. I did point out that he could a brand new one for £700ish and My Panny cost me £1K a year ago! Depreciation! penalty of the earlier adopter

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