Faint margin top and bottom of picture on vhs when copied to panny recorder


I am converting my VHS and sVHS recordings to digital using a scart lead (gold connections IXOS) from a high end sVHS player JVC to my Panasonic DMR BS850 bluray recorder player HDD unit. Having done hundreds without trouble, I recently noticed a faint margin at the top and bottom of the screen when playing the recording back from the panasonic, like a translucent overlay, as if one has taken the upper 1/10 of the image , laid it along the bottom of the image and reduced its opacity to perhaps 20%. In that faint overlay is the picture from the top of the screen, from the same margin effect up there, e.g. street scene , a street lamp at top of screen gets to see the lamp portion repeated in this margin at the bottom.
TV repair shop said try plugging the vhs unit directly into the crt tv, I did and no margin.
What is the fault and how do I fix it as all copies made are spoilt now.

I am on RGB out and RGB in, always been that, and all is good until recently. Panny recordings from live broadcast are not affected. Purchased dvds etc unaffected.



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Could be a fault in the JVC or Panasonic, or some interplay between the two, but my money is on the 850, which is some years old now. Your options are very limited given the age of the kit (source and destination). A change of connecting cable might help, but I don’t think that whatever the issue is is going to be straightforward or cheap to fix. A couple of pictures showing the problem might illicit further responses.


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