Failure to order boxoffice films thru phoneline

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    In April this year, I got a Sky+160 box which has thankfully been very stable.
    However, whenever I try to order a box-office film online (down the phone-line), I get the following error :

    Please phone 08702 800800 to order this program

    Similarly, attempts to record the film are met with :

    You cannot record this program. Please call 08702 436000.

    I have had both the BoxOffice support line and the Sky+ support line diagnose this issue, but no-one can find out what is wrong.

    The phone-line is definitely connected, and has performed 13 callbacks to Sky since April this year. No channels are disabled. No spending limits are imposed. The PIN required is definitely functioning correctly and accesses Parental Restrictions without problem. Several power resets, and planner rebuilds have made no difference. I have not attempted a "New Installation" or a "Full System Reset" on the Installer's Menu.

    I do have an ex-directory phone number. As this has been mentioned a few times in the forum, is this likely to be an area which could cause the problem ?

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