Failing Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 8in - replace/repair?


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My Mum has a Galaxy Tab S2 8in which unfortunately after being dropped repeatedly the charging port is really loose and it's reached the point it's difficult to charge it. I've looked at a teardown and although the charging port is on a separate board it looks a pain in the neck to get the screen off and access to the port. However the other problem is there doesn't seem to be any premium 8in tablets any more, ideally I'd want to get her another Samsung because that's what she is used to but the only small one they have currently is the low spec budget A7 Lite.

So I'm trying to work out the options which so far are:
- find a repair place to carry out the repair for which I'd appreciate any recommendations
- buy an A grade one from CEX for £100, I can't see a repair being that cheap and the tablet has been well used so if this one was in as new condition (which I find Cex grading is accurate) then she could carry on using it. However I appreciate it's an old tablet now
- buy a Lenovo Tab M8 FHD for £180, unusually this one has a higher resolution screen although the rest of the specs are nothing special for the money.
- buy a Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 for £140 grade b from Cex. This one is a pain because it was never sold here, it seems a great 8in tablet and the one in stock is the 64GB/4GB version but while I'd considered this one myself, I have concerns about getting an unsupported device like this for my Mum

Any other thoughts? I know the choices are much better at the 10in/11in screen size but she's always really liked the 8in size.

Edit - I've found the Huawei MediaPad m5 8in which doesn't seem to be sold new any more but seems the closest to a newer s2
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If your mom is not techie, I’d stay with what she knows and buy the Cex Samsung, wouldn’t buy a unsupported Xiaomi, I have a 11 Lenovo tablet and it’s very good, but I think I’ve read the m8 is not that great

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