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I've got a Thomson HD box that had the "no satellite signal being received" problem. I have fitted upgraded PSU board and new WD5000AVVS hard drive. Did software update and system reset. Both signals showing over 80% signal strength and quality,but still no satellite signal being received.
Is their anything else I can check or is the box irrepairable?



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Have you tested the LNB and cables with a known good digibox. I know your Thomson is showing good signals but I would take the meter readings it displays with more than a pinch of salt.
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Masteriser- Everything works fine on my existing HD box
Kenedin - "no sateellite signal" on all channels
Martin - I did not buy the PSU boardfrom Satcure but from another reputable supplier of e- bay.


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That's a pity. If you buy from SatCure you get a 3 year warranty on the PSU. If you have problems, you can send the Digibox to Digifix for assessment. If the PSU is at fault, SatCure pays Digifix for the work and carriage charges. If it's not at fault, you have the choice of paying Digifix for the repair or of cutting your losses and letting them keep the box.

You should check with your eBay seller to see what they can offer.

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