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Hi all :thumbsup:

New to this, can anybody help me :lease: I have a amstrade hd box bought from ebay been working ok, but now if we set it to record programs at night and the box is left unused for 2-3 hrs with standby off, I find the box locked up and have to reset it ( power off ).

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Sounds like the HDD may have had better days. Hmmmm how unusual for a SKY+ box :eek:

Could be knackered or just needs re-formatting. You could try ringing SKY first as they can do a few things from their end I think? Failing that....

You up for taking the HDD out?

You could try Copy+

Should be very easy to do I heard. The link BTW come from fellow AVForum member -Ad- so thanks to him for sending me here too.
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How much HDD space do you have also try a planner rebuild which I do at least twice a month and my box touch wood has been very reliable. Failing that a complete reset which will re format the drive and you do loose all the recordings and planner details so it is a last option. Failing that £65 fixed fee callout from Sky, bit of a loto as to which box you get as a service replacement.

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