Failed FUTURE recordings today?

Bernie Steak

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Anyone have (or have had in the past) this problem?

Switched on my HD box after work, and a scheduled programme recording (manual) today was showing as failed (it was due to start until 6:20pm, and this was at 6pm!? (Cbeebies)). It was also showing that the future recording of Holby City (BBC1) and Ideal (BBC 3), both for tomorrow evening, had "failed".

Anyone else had this, or know of this? Tried a planner rebuild and a "hard reset", made no difference, so just deleted the "failed" recordings and started again.

Saturday my HD box also reset itself while watching one HD recording and recording another, which then broke the recording I was watching (no other option than "delete" in the planner).

It MAY be co-incidence, but since anytime I seem to be getting a lot of problems with this box I've never experienced before.


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I have had the almost the same thing happen to me, mainly when there has been bad weather and there was a loss of signal, all my future recordings Failed.

It also happened when the box shut down on its own. I think it is just the boxes as I here a lot of this from my work.

just to add, not happened since anytime though, but that does not seem to work well either had the same stuff on Last Chance for about 2 days now.

Unfortunately I have not got a solution, any one else?



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Hi, just come on here as I have had the same problem, it happened on Sunday when 24 ended and Lost began, hd box turns off and u have to unpug the mains cord to reboot it - 24 then showed as failed. And tonight while watching C street it failed when we were watching as eastenders started.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the settings for overlap and starting / ending recordings 5 / 10 mins etc.

any help any1?



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If you have the latest version of the software with Sky Anytime then it may well be that Anytime is causing your box to crash. Switch Anytime off and see if the problem goes away - I believe there are some issues with the new software that have yet to be resolved. Again! :suicide:


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If you have the latest version of the software with Sky Anytime then it may well be that Anytime is causing your box to crash. Switch Anytime off and see if the problem goes away - I believe there are some issues with the new software that have yet to be resolved. Again! :suicide:

I've had this Failed recording business twice now and both were before the Anytime update.

It's also happened on my Sky+ box before I got HD, so I think it's more of an intermittent bug in the PVR software than specifically related to the HD box.


Had a similar problem following a massive 4 hour thunderstorm last night!

Switched on this morning and all my future recordings are failed due to loss of signal...

What do I need to do, just delete them out of my planner and put them back in again? I really don't want to lose my previous succesful recordings! (Star Wars etc!)



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do a planner rebuild as often as you can - this has greatly reduced occurrences of lost/failed/missed recordings on my HD box. the latest EPG software update has also helped.


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Anyone had a planner item dissapear? I had one added via remote record, which appeared ok, only to dissapear a day or so after?!!:confused:

vic flange

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Glad to see this thread. I've been experiencing the Failed future recordings issue for the past couple of weeks. It's really annoying having to re-input all the programmes I have series-linked. I updated the software last week, perhaps that's had something to do with it?


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Had a similar problem following a massive 4 hour thunderstorm last night!

The same thing happened to me after that storm :mad: My recordings were fine, but like you the series links were all failed and it also wiped everything that was stored on anytime aswell. :suicide:


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Happened on Wednesday evening and then again on Thursday evening, no bad weather to report.

Recording and watching back (with a time lag) programme (a).
Still playing back programme (a) the recording finishes and then tries to switch to another recording...

Box crashes.

Upon re-booting the recorded programme (a) shows as FAILED and you have to delete it.


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I'm getting this nearly every night at the moment, either recordings come up failed in the future, or planned recordings just vanish. Anytime is off, I'm going to resort to leaving my box powered up all night to see if it fixes it


vic flange

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as per the previous page, I'd been having this problem myself until a few weeks ago. Then I had my dish realigned, for a separate reason, and it fixed the problem. On another thread someone said the failures were caused by extended loss of signal, usually due to bad weather, making the box think it had lost power. Now, I'm no techy, but since my dish was realigned even the crap weather at the moment isn't affecting my signal, so perhaps there's something in that?

Bernie Steak

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My dish was re-aligned not THAT long ago, as the original was apparently installed by an untrained chimp and the LNB blew off in high winds!


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I can now also confirm FAILED recrdings for series linked items on BBC HD (HEROES).
Why would it display an error message saying failed if it hasnt even recorded them yet.
I think it was failed something like 2/3 days before it was due to be shown!
Oh and my box has been re aligned and had a brand new octo lnb put on!

Very strange. :mad:


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I have suffered with this problem for about 3 months now.

It is obviously connecetd to any bad weather that is around as it never happens when it is warm and sunny.

I think the better your signal is the less you suffer from this.

My current signal strength and quality are both no higher than 40% on both LNB's. I am sure they used to be better!

could you all confirm what your readings are?


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Well last time i looked i was on 3/4 to full on both signal quality and strength so no problems here. If its any different i will post back.

Cow Puncher

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I notice this the other night, all my future recordings were marked as failed. I also noticed that Anytime had gone completely screwy and it said that there was nothing on to watch but the previous day Anytime was full. Something going on but i've reset the recordings and they're still there and Anytime seems to be getting programs back slowly but surely.


p.s. Signal strength seemed to be about 3/4 full last night when i checked.


I had anytime off when mine happened , so ruled that out , but it has only happened once to me and at the time there were thunderstorms here.


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Same problem here also. Mentioned this on another thread a while ago but Sunday night it went crazy again- -failed recording "Little devil" and coronation st. The recorder was recording throughout the night!!
Future recordings failed also. Gave "tech fault" and "power cut" as reasons!!
Box is rather noisy and I dont have anytime operating.

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