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I am selling my Sony KD-49XF9005 SMART TV to a relative. If I do a Factory Reset will all my Picture Settings be affected?.

(The relative is not a geek :rolleyes: like me and has always said what superb PQ I have so is not likely to want or know her way around the setting....Covid lockdown forbids me to be involved in the installation of the TV and a local technician is to hang the TV on a wall and set it up including the broadband connx etc.)

However for security reasons I have already removed my device/deactivated Smart Aps such as Netflix, Prime, Now TV, YouTube and Google so I am hoping a factory reset is not required..... or should it be?

I assume the technician will complete the installation as a 'new setup' and hopefully not need to adjust picture settings!.

Finally I would welcome any other secuity tips:lesson:
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You will lose your picture settings. Another option, just to be sure, would be to change your password for all of the accounts you accessed through the smart apps on another device or through the apps web pages.


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Could you maybe note down your Picture settings, then factory reset and finally re-enter your pic settings. Should be good to go then, except for tuning if different area, which can (hopefully!) be acheived without a further reset by the technician.


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40 picture settings logged but hoping a factory reset is not required. My relative is using a local TV installer to wall mount & set up the TV but I don't know how competent he is regarding picture settings!. I'm not allowed into another household because of the Covid-19 lockdown but tradesmen are.

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