Factors that effect HD gaming on LCDs?


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I'm looking for a 32" LCD HDTV.

My priority is, performance with an xbox 360 console.
I play FPS games on xbox live so anything that causes a time delay will effect gameplay adversely!

I seem to remember someone talking about a Philips TV that had an extremely low pixel response time but the player suffered 'lag' because the TV did so much image processing and this caused a delay!

Also, I understand that 100hz helps to handle fast motion yet someone in another thread said he was put off a certain TV because he couldn't switch 100Hz OFF when gaming!

I'm confused!

My questions are;

How valuable is the 'pixel response time'?

Do TVs carry out processing that can delay the image getting to the screen?

If so, how can you tell what the minimum processing time is for any given TV?

What is better for gaming, 50 or 100HZ?

If anyone could answer these questions I'd really appreciate it. :)


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Im looking for the same thing, HDTV for HD gaming.

I've tried a samsung LE32R73 for gaming and i was impressed, but im not sure how it would perform if it was compared to other TVs


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the factor is processing crappy analogue component,scart video upto 1080i/1080p from 720p, 525i.
the other factor is the image improvement i.e colour and movement to make it better for home viewing.

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