Facebook not displaying timeline following latest update?


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Ok, hubby has ipad1 and a few days ago he updated the Facebook app and it is indeed much quicker.

However when he looks at his "profile" there is no timeline at the top of the page.

I updated my ipad2 to the latest Facebook app yesterday, and when I click on my "profile" I see the timeline top and am able to change the "cover" etc etc

I have deletd the app from his iPad and re installed but it's had no effect?

Anyone have an ideas please?

I did see in t'internet that when this update was first released, it appeared to be "missing" the timeline at the top, hence I thought a delete and re-install may have cured it?

Any advice gratefully received :)


I updated to the latest one last week on both my ipad and iphone 3GS whilst my other half updated on her iphone 4....neither of us on any of the devices could see a way to change the cover photo only the smaller profile photo.


Just make sure its not a case that his profile hasnt actually gone live with a timeline on the actual full website as well.

Mine appears to be showing with this new timeline thing but when we logged in on the computer as my other half to change the cover picture after failing on her phone it was showing as a timeline but had a note at the top saying this wouldnt be live until 1st Sept for others to see hence why i think it may have been showing as a normal one on the phone.

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