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I have galaxy s3 n I m having severe problems with my facebook app. First, the back button always takes me to the top of the the previous page rather than taking me to the same section of the page where I left. This is so annoying because you have to scroll down all over again.
Does anyone have the similar problem?

Also I'm unable to update status from the app either. It crashes every time I attempt to update.

Am I the only one with these ridiculous issues????


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i have an s3, and mine did some weird things , so i deleted the app , restarted the phone then downloaded the app again and it seemed to have been okay since then.

give it a go see what occurs



TBH I've actually taken the facebook app off my phone now, and I now just used m.facebook.com.

It seems I can pretty much do anything I could do with the app, but its faster and more reliable. I can check in places and I can upload photos.

Good example of this was last night. Me and wench went to a wedding, she took a picture of the couple with her phone and then tried to upload it to facebook using the app. After 3 failed attempts, I then tried using the mobile site. Worked perfectly.

So until they sort it out, its off my phone for good.


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Thanks guys. Honestly if I can't use facebook on my handheld, I won't spend time on it really on my machine. That need to sort this piece of **** asap.


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My bro n sis both have S3 and they use the same fb app. They don't have any problem with their application what I have with my app. I have made sure that we all have same firmware n same version of fb app.

Annoyed again

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