Face off DTS

I remember I post a link about this apparently it's a korean non-anamorphic transfer, I never ordered the title but am keen to hear what it sounds like I would imagine that the bank robbery bit would be awesome.
I dont remember a bank robbery in Face OFF ?
or maybe he means heat ???
Yea i thought it was Heat.
I got Heat on Korean (DTS) and the sound is fantastic..very impressed except I paid £45 from SRS at the time..
indeed mate, but High Street prices. Don't mind paying London rates if I'm there and see something I want. Can't help myself..must stop..must make sure missus never finds my box of receipts..:D
Sorry can't help you about Face Off DTS, but I'd love to try one out. Unfortunately I've always found Reg 3 stuff to be dubious to say the least, espcially when it's a Hollywood movie. I mean does anyone actually know for a fact that all Reg 3 stuff is legit or is it similar to Reg 0.
I had Battle Royale on Reg 3 and Reg 2 (Jpn) and the sound was okay for Reg 3 but the picture was nowhere near as good as Reg 2 original. Only got Reg 3 at the time 'cos it had subtitles and Reg 2 didn't..
Just curious..;)
I've brought quite a few R3 dvds - The quality over price ratio has always been great:D But i havent brought any Hollywood movies unless you count Venomous DTS which i got for £3 - Awful movie, quality was ok - £3 i just couldnt stop myself;)
As for R3 being Legit as far as i know it is - All the dvds that dddhouse sell are all official and licensed releases.
I buy quite a bit from dddhouse.com and am impressed with the price of some of there film Black Hawk Down for example was less than a tenner. Some of the films are non-anamorphic but the sort of films I have been buying recently it really doesn't matter

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