F71 Picture - possible problem ?


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Hi All,

Just noticed something with my F71 picture which I've never really noticed before - and I'm wondering if it is the start of a problem setting in.

Seems to be that if there is ANYTHING moving on the screen at all (which is everything !) then I get severe quite pixelation on anything that is moving. I've attached a couple of pictures (sorry about the quality - but they were taken quickly on the mobile) :


and a crop of that ...


Notice the white pixelation / spotting mainly noticeable on the guy on the left.

I'm finding this on everything....if I change channels then i get a load of pixelation as the channel changes.

This isn't just on the broadcast either...it's on stuff I've previously recorded from ages ago - so it's not a signal problem from my provider.

Any thoughts ? Is this a problem or is this common and I've just never really noticed it before ? (had the tv for at least a year so thought I would have noticed it by now !).



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Just a bit more on this.

Switched the PS3 on. When on home screen and navigating around the menu's I'm getting the same kind of pixelation.

Watching the 125GP bike racing just now I was getting full picture height pixelation "tears" :(

Something doesn't seem right.
Hmmm, that's very nasty! The fact that it's block-based and only visible on moving edges suggests an artefact of a digital compression process, but there shouldn't be anything like that involved in simply watching the PS3 menus. It's almost exactly like an effect I see on some of the compressed HD downloads of Battlestar Galactica. I'm not familiar with the F71, but my first thought would be to go through the menus and turn off any digital noise reduction, film mode and 100Hz processing options and see if it is linked to one of those.



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Bizarely, the picture has been absolutely perfect this evening (on both cable tv and the bluray I watched).


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