F1, why no Wide screen?


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The long winter is over...
Sitting here with qualifying about to start, wondering why ITV don’t have a wide screen picture.
I've had my wide screen TV for over 4 years each year I have had the same disappointment.
I know that the feed is dependant on the local broadcaster (the Italian race coverage only seem to show ferries for some reason!), but I would have thought it would finally be wide screen.
We have surround sound -Melbourne grand prix is fun when the oz air force buzz the pit straight.
The lap counter and on sceen data float in the middle of the screen, set up for a zoomed in picture, I suppose for people who dont mind loosing top & bottom of the picture.
I really hate stretching the screen, you end up with Norbert Haug looking even fatter than he really is!
Its about to start, final point, am I the only person who doesn’t enjoy James Allen’s commentary?
Come on ITV get your act together.


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i cant comment on picture as i dont have w/s telly yet. i agree about james allen though. if you want better info you can get live times on f1 website


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My picture is fine, no zooming but have the aspect ratio of the panel set to 16:9, as it always is. What size is your screen?

As for James Allen - useless. At the end of session 2 he stated that Heidfeld was out, yet you could clearly see on the live timings on the F1 website - the same timings him and Brundle can see - that Heidfeld had posted a good last flying lap. I noticed it immediately, so why couldn't he - after all that is his job. It's not going to be the last time that he misses either a fast lap, an incident, reason for an incident....concentrate James!:lesson:


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Hi woodywizz
32" -the other 1/2 decided that 36" was too big! -shes going to get a shock when this one dies, nothing less than 40".

I find it chops off too much with a zoomed fixed aspect ratio -It would be fine for most shots but looking down long straights you cant see the following cars coming round corners in the background & gives some room for dozing cameramen to catch crashes or even (wisper, dare I say it) overtaking.

I'm just one of those people who likes to see as much of the picture as possible, in order to get as much information about what is going on.

I'll just have to live with it, for yet another year, mind you it looks like it could be a good one.


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i know what your saying about allen. In fact on a couple of f1 forums they call him by another surname that comprises of a couple of "a"s, an "l" and a "n"!!!:) :D


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It is the sound which bothers me, often it seems that the sound does not seem to relate to the car on the screen


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I never play around with my picture. if it`s broadcast in 4:3 i watch it in 4:3.

Considering that A1 grand prix is shown in 16:9 it makes Bernie look a bit tight :D

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