F1 Japanese GP 11th - 13th Oct '19

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Owing to the possible typhoon disruptions over the weekend, I have amended the above to reflect the new schedules. Practice 3 has been cancelled and qualifying is now on race day morning. If that is also cancelled, the positions from practice 2 will decide the starting order. Channel 4 will be including any quali highlights as part of their race programme on Sunday.


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I still do not get why Vettel did not get a penalty for the false start even though he lost places. Lewis is rather pissed with Mercedes as he felt his tyres could have lasted to the end.


you would have thought that much movement would constitute a false start . I kind of get the whole "he didn't leave the box" thing, but its the potential carnage behind if everyone goes with him.
its possibly a dodgy tactic now
Pull up short of the line, go on red but stop before you cross, go again in the hope that 2 3 4th place didn't stop again and actually jumped the start

Joe Pineapples

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Can't believe Leclerc was left out for so long with major chunks flying off his car (big enough to take out Hamilton's side mirror). Unacceptable. I'm in two minds on the Vettel start.

Mercedes don't allow either driver advantage through strategy, though apparently it was 50/50 whether to leave him out to get a possible 1-2, but swapping positions anyway before the end. Well deserved win for Bottas at any rate.


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Merc were silly to bring Hamilton in for that extra stop. The Ferrari is so fast in a straight line.
Bottas had a faultless drive. Well done to him.
Leclercs final put was pointless as well. He could’ve still caught Sainz if he’d stayed out.


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LeClerc should have been brought in at the end of lap 1, and should have receive a penalty during the race for crashing into Verstappen. There was tons of room between the two - LeClerc moved meters to the left solely to force Verstappen (who was a a wheel and a nose ahead) off the track, instead of following the line of Bottas & Vettel. LeClerc's debris could have killed Hamilton - he was lucky just to loose a wing mirror.
Vettel's false start should have been penalised in the same way as every driver in the past has been.
Bottas was faster than Hamilton and deserved the win.
Great result for Albon, but his move in Norris was too stong, resulting in damage for the McLaren driver, compromising his race additionally to the debris that he sucked in from LeClerc's car.
Great result for Sainz.
F1 need to stop treating Ferrari differently to other teams.


Pretty sure I heard them say in commentary that the Ferrari pitfall instructed LeClerc to put. Pit he ignored them. It's at that point the FIA should have talked action.

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