f/s crystal xbox


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brand new crystal xbox,with extra,s

executer modchip 2.3b lite
switchable for use on live

160gb hdd maxtor fitted running original xbox dash and evox.



dsd1036, a couple of questions please

do you have a receipt for the xbox
Did you mod the xbox yourself of did you have it modded by 3rd party, or did you buy the xbox already modded from the likes of premodded.co.uk



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yes i have the receipt,

i modded it myself,
but due to the mods,the warranty is now void.
i bought 4 of these on 26/3/2004,day of release,they,ve all been modded and resold,this is my last one,and i thought i,d put it on here instead of ebay for a change.it works very well,the only thing you cant do in its present state is go LIVE as the new drive needs to be locked which i,m unable to do.but you can still boot to xbox dash via evox.

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