F&H TV PVR menu display problem


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Hi all,

My first post on these forums so hello to everybody.

I recently purchased a F&H FH32LMHCUH Television, details available here:

F&H FH32LMHCUH 32in LCD TV DVD FULL HD 1080p.. | Ebuyer.com

Unfortunately I have discovered a rather annoying issue regarding the playback of content recorded on USB stick using the TV's integral Pause, View, Record (PVR) feature.

When recorded content is played back, the menu display (showing the 'progress bar' of the program, pause, play, rewind, fast forward buttons etc) is permanently overlaid on top of the picture. It is very distracting and I haven't found a way to hide it whilst playing back recordings.

Has anybody else experienced this issue on a F&H TV and found a way around it?

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This is a made up name slapped on a Chinese imports. There is really no such company as Foehn & Hirsch. It has been contrived to make people think they are buying a German or Scandanavian sourced product. Their website has no indication where they are located and they are sourced mainly on Ebay and similar sites, the only plus point about them is they are cheap. Best avoided.
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The brand name is actually owned /registered by Ebuyer if my memory serves me correctly.
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