F.A.O Panasonic Phd8 owners!


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Please help me out. Turn to channel 18 on freeview [if you have got this] The Hits Channel and let me know if the black bar at the top turns red with fluctuating light levels of the surrounding image i.e bright scenes with flashing lights etc. Bottom bar remains black most of the time. Sometimes the black bar at the top appears red totally.

If you look closer it is covered with redpixels from left to right when this should be totally black. This also happen on adverts with black bars present or should I say black and red.

Anyone with the same experience?


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OK, just had a look at the hits channel on freeview as you suggested. the black bars , top AND bottom appear to be just off black, but no hint of any other colour at all. hope this helps



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thanks I am sure its a fault


Could be a calibration issue, too much brightness, or could be your freeview box. You need to eliminate those 2 issues before blaming the plasma. What's the freeview box BTW? And how connected?


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freeview box is humax pvr 8000t connected via rgb scart to js tech vga converter.

I don't thinks its the box. It worked fine on my old hitachi plasma.


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I have spotted a much lesser version of the problem via 2910. But much less noticeable. I am gonna test it with more dvds from my 2910 tonight after work [work? whats that?]. If it does not show up via the dvd player it might be a problem along the freeview chain.

Could it be some sort of timing issue from the converter? [pretending I know what I am talking about!]


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interesting, i have what appears to be the same and i also have the same RGB to VGA? :confused:

i only notice it up very close though, or on dvd's.

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