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iam using a yamaha dsp A2 witch is dd &dts but i have a dts decoder (millenium246) would the dts be better if i processed it through the a2 or if the 246 processed the dts and the a2
amplified it?
i would try it but i dont have all the interconects i need nd i dont want to waste money buying them only for it to sound identical

any thoughts?



You don't say what speakers you have the A2 connected up to.

In their day both products were regarded as excellent in terms of DTS decoding, and I'd have to give the nod to the 246 as being marginally better as it was designed to add DTS to all sorts of systems.
BUT if you're speakers aren't of a fairly high level you'll probably not notice the difference, especially since both methods use the A2's onboard amplification.

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I don't think you would notice any difference TBH. As already stated, the amplification would be the same whichever way you set it up.
Has the A2 got 6 channel input? I can't remember....might be worth splashing out £20 on 3 sets on phono cables and trying it out. If it hasn't, it'll have to go of to videotec to get it modded.

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Originally posted by sc1977
yup there is a six channel looks like im off to dixons for some cheapies
At least then you'll know. And be able to sleep at night....:D

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