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I'm getting quite bad eye strain after watching movies on my TW1000 (to the stage of having head aches the next morning - and I haven't been drinking :) That is, this issue is going beyond annoying to me: even writing this my eyes are very sore from watching a movie last night.) I'm using the gear list in my signature.

I don't believe this can be the screen judder problem (the 3:2 pulldown [24fps] issue, as I'm getting the eye strain on watching upscaled (to 1080p) SD DVD's, although I know part of the problem is the movement on screen doesn't seem all that fluid and my eyes will try to follow a character as they move and go in and out of focus. The next two movies I'm going to do the following to see if I can stop it:

1) Try projecting onto a smaller screen size (I'm currently sitting just under three metres away from an 89" screen, and am wondering if this is too big for sitting this close?)

2) Try watching a movie that is not upscaled by the Denon 1930 to 1080p (ie, watch at 720). I can't for the life of me see why this would make a difference, but I'll try anything at the moment.

Does anybody have any ideas on what might be causing the eye strain, or how to resolve it in my smallish cinema room. (And I do have this nagging worry it is the 24fps issue, as, per above, I think it is my eye trying to follow the 'non-fluid' movement on screen that is causing the strain.

All suggestions and ideas welcomed.


I would say 89" at 3 metres is a little too big. I also watch at 3 metres but have a 80" image. The image is going to have a lot more resolution with HD so a sharper image could cause what you are seeing.

Also, as the image is bigger. You are probably moving your head sideways without realising it. The image should really be small enough so you don't need to move your head.

Even if you don't upscale using the Denon. The PJ will upscale a SD image anyway to 1080p.

I would make the image smaller.


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Thanks for that. Will try an 80" screen for the next movie, and hopefully that will fix it - otherwise I'm going to have to think seriously about changing projector I think.


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Sorry to hear your having problems with your tw1000. Could it be to do with the brightness of the image, too bright or too dark. Have you tried the various settings?


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Tried all the settings Dunch, and I watch movies at Theatre Two (lowest brightness setting effectively). So no options there.

How about you? Have you found a projector to fit your vertical placement issue yet?

AV Nik

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Hi Tribeless,
Sounds familiar.
One common problem causing eye strain is the type of screen and another is the brighness of the projector.
For example, if the reflection of light from the screen is hitting you in the face (you may not be aware of it), your eyes will be affected in the way you mention.
To combat this, some have used a Grey screen or a screen with lower gain like matte white with a gain of 0.89:1.
Another possible cause is the reflection of light which may be bouncing off the walls or ceiling but unlikely.
It's hard to determine if your distance from the screen is too close as this is down to your eyesight however, if the image is larger that your perifial view (if you cannot see the entire image without moving your eye or head) then you are definately too close.
Hope this helps


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Hi Tribeless,
I finally opted for the king of lens shift the sanyo z5. I decided that although I'd have really liked a 1080, for the price, the sanyo just looked too good to miss. I've not got it set up yet as the room is not fully complete but gave it a quick go on a sheet taped up and was blown away by the picture so can't wait to get it properly set up on my screen.


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AV Nik: thanks for that. I wonder if screen type is the issue. I have a hardboard screen screwed permanently to the wall which a friend made up for me (painted with a product called film goo, or something, anyway, he knows what he's doing). I think it is a product that helps maximise contrast, and it's certainly a lovely, lush picture. If that were the problem, however, is there a 'grey' product that could be painted/sprayed on?

DuncH: report back on how it goes when up (just out of curiosity, what did the Sanyo cost in $NZ, and where did you buy from?


Hi Tribeless,

I have a similair problem to yours. I bought the TW1000 a couple of days ago. I was in the demo room for over an hour watching the TW1000 in action with out any problems but when I got home my eyes started hurting after maybe 30 min. I also felt some motion sickness. After that I have reduced the screen size (max it at the beginning) and the motion sickness is gone but I still feel the eyes. My gf have used the pj more than me and she doesn't feel a thing.

At the movement I'm just shooting on a white wall. And my guess is that the strain is caused by all the reflecting light.

Did you find a solution that worked for you?

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