Eye-Fi SD Card


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Has anyone any experience with these. I bought mine to enable photos taken on my camera to appear on my iphone and ipad. I have followed the intructions, downloaded the app for both iphone and ipad, and set up the direct network thing, but.....

Sometime it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it will send them to the iphone and not the ipad, sometimes the other way round, and sometimes not at all!

Grateful for any advice/info


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It's interesting to hear your experiences, my brother's girlfriend takes a lot of photos on her phone (Android) but wanted to switch to a better compact camera so I'd suggested looking into an Eye-fi card. However after doing some reading quite a lot of people seem to report similar problems to yourself with it being quite intermittent whether it worked or not.



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One of the members of this forum (IftiBashir) has a YouTube review of one, you might get some info from him if you PM him?

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