Extron DVS150 Scaler - Help Needed

Mark Ward

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I've bought and Extron DVS150 Scaler from a friend of mine in Canada. The Manual can be found

The Power supply is internal and is autoswitchable 100VAC to 240VAC, 50/60Hz.

It works fine in Canada with my friend's Sony CRT, and powers up and appears to configure fine here, but when I connect a source via S-Video or Component (BNC's) is goes crazy. All the lights start flashing on the front, the Barco states "No Source". It appears as if it is continually resetting.

Has anyone any experiences of this scaler? Any ideas what could be wrong here?

Currently tried with:
Barco 1208 & Arcam DV-88 and
Barco BG801S & Arcam FMJ27

Different cables were used each time.

Thanks for any ideas,



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Just some suggestions.

It's possible that it's down to the positive or negative sync being set incorrectly. I thought that Barcos were a bit fussy about the sync polarity, so changing the sync might help.

You could also try changing the output to combined sync or separate (h & v) syncs and see what that does..... electrohome projectors seem to 'prefer' a combined sync signal.

Have you tried the rgbhv passthru.... if you are having problems with that then it may suggest a problem with the unit overall. Run a pc thru the line at the output resolution that you're trying to run at. If the projector works Ok with the pc then it's probably down to the sync polarities.

Is there a setting for pal/ntsc that might be throwing it off somehow ?
hope that helps,


Mark Ward

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Hi Brian

Someone Emailed me a link yesterday to Extron customer support. A call to them revealed that the power supply appears to be faulty, although this seems a bit strange because it worked fine at 110VA in Canada. I'm returning it to them for a warrantee repair.

Many thanks for your input,



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Hi mark,

Your problem sounded a bit odd, so a power supply problem might well be it. Extron have a facility in Holland I think.

Let us know how it performs when you get it sorted.


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