Extremely slow remote on Philips Ambilight


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Hi all, hoping someone can help.

Bought a 2019 model 50” Ambilight last week. Love the tv, but the remote is driving me insane. Just now it stopped responding completely. Well, some buttons worked fine, like the Netflix button and the power button, but most of the remote was dead. So I reset the tv at the plug and now it is working.

However the ongoing problem which I noticed since day one and hoped would go away is that some functions on the remote take 7-10 seconds to respond on the tv. So if I change the volume or turn the tv off it happens immediately. If I want to change source or I press the settings button I can be waiting up to 10 seconds for anything to happen.

This doesn’t seem normal. I can understand a delay of a second or two but this is ridiculous for a £550 tv. My old tv was a 6 year old Technika and it was waaaay faster than this one.

Googling just gives me non-answers. Turn it off and on. Check software update. Buy a new remote. But the tv is a week old. So is there anything I can do? Or is this just the way it is?


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Factory reset tv, once start up connect to network, update software, also it asks to update remote firmware and everything runs fine. Take film off remote, also ensure brand new batteries fitted. Pair remote, and ensure nothing is obstructing bottom of tv red led area as I noticed remote wont respond then.


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I’m having the exact same problems on my 75inch ambilight PUS6754.

It’s ridiculous, only button that will work half the time is the power on/off button! All software is up to date and fresh battery’s in the remote!

It seems to be mainly when using the inbuilt Netflix app....
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I find that after resetting the TV (I've done mine a few times!!) it takes an hour or so in my experience for the apps to update in the background, whilst this is happening the remote is woeful...

So give it time and it comes back to normal in my experience.


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I just bought a new Philips 55" 4K UHD Smart TV 55PUS6554/12 and i have the same issue. Especially in netflix. Even when I try to change the volume I get this 10 seconds delay so it can't be wifi or something like that. I will try to reinstall it. But this should not be a problem with a new smart TV.


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Same problem here. If I ask too much of the TV then it clogs up and grinds to a halt, like a laptop from 1999 trying to run Windows 10.

The TV's firmware is just rubbish, plain and simple. I've given up on its smart (???) features and bought a Roku Premiere to take care of that side of things.


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Amazingly this fixed the issue, was charging a PlayStation controller and removed it and works fine again
That's what I was charging! Strangely, it's only the newer ones that cause the slow down. My older, original ones don't.

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