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I have a huge condensation problem in my home, causing a black mould on a few walls and on clothes near those walls. I have spoke to a damness/condensation expert he has gave me a few hints and tips but also told me to purchase 2 extractor fans one for the bathroom and one for the kitchen the 2 places most of the moisture is generated. I think i should get one for the bedroom also because that is the room that is most affected by the condensation that is where the moisture seems to attract to. My question is what is the best extractor fan out there with a humidistat for roundabout the £100 mark?:lease:


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Extraction is all about air movemment you will need to calculate the volume of the room and hence the volume of moist air then get afan capable of moving that much air in X minutes building regs specify the air change frequency for new builds so you may well need to consult the regs (or hope a friendly plumber/sparky knows them) http://www.rhldirect.com/Webpages/aboutventilation.html might be able to help
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Also when cooking or using the bathroom and for a while after, keep the door closed otherwise all the calculations go up the wall. I had similar problems and the extractor root worked fantastically well. I was also advised to get the external wall cavities filled, which I did.
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