Extracting Username and Password from Sagem [email protected] Router


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Hi, I have been having problems with my router for the past few weeks but since it was christmas didn't have time to call sky until Monday, I spoke to tech support about my problem of the internet connection dropping every ten mins, noise margin shoots up to 40+ db as soon as you hit a large website and that download speeds jump from 6mb to 300kbps.

I have ran through all the tests myself before speaking to them and again while on the phone, line check showed nothing unusual, updating firmware did nothing so they informed me that it would be the router dying. I had to order a new one but said it would take 1 - 2 weeks to come due to christmas period, I have a lot of work to do so was wanting to use my mates back up router.

I have already tried loads of guides including the Programmers Notpad on the backup settings / Changing my firmware to modified 2.8 with sky router tools but password generator doesn't work for sagem routers (although when testing through netgear and the other one I did get the same @skyadsl username but just different passwords) / I have also tried
https://www.cm9.net/skypass/ but when I go to the website I get 404 error. Please could someone help me.
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