Extra-wide cantilever stand?


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I'm looking for a stand like this one http://www.stoneaudio.co.uk/resources/products/image1/spectral_pl152-bg.jpg but without the high price tag (£700 ish for this one)

It needs to be 1400 or 1500 mm wide.

I've found this http://www.laskys.com/tv_and_dvd/accessories/stands_and_wall_brackets/kenmark_km_ts01lp1500bk.html but want a cantilever in the same style/length.

If only the FS205 (http://www.allcam.biz/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=73&products_id=584) was a bit wider.

Any help appreciated!


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How about this one it is only 1200mm wide but not too expensive https://www.avsupports.com/general/general/AVT_E109_Two_Tier_Glass_Stand_1200x400_1217.html
Have a look what do you think ?.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I really do want something wider. I prefer a wider stand with a 50" screen, otherwise they tend to look a bit top-heavy. But I guess that's just personal preference.

The look/lenth of this http://www.laskys.com/tv_and_dvd/acc...1lp1500bk.html looked nice when I saw it with a 50" screen in a store, but at only 300mm high, the screen sits too low for my liking. Hence the search for a cantilever stand with 1500mm shelves, like the mega expensive http://www.stoneaudio.co.uk/resource...l_pl152-bg.jpg.

The more I search, the more I think I may have to settle for Besta in white http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/90103758

I have 1900mm to play with, but want to leave enough room on either side for the floor standing speakers from a HT-SF1300 surround sound system.

Thanks again!

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