Extra Virgin Media (NTL) TV points in house?


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I have searched the internet for a while now for an answer but cant find exactly what i want.

I need to add 2 more TV points in a house.

The original TV point is in the lounge, which im guessing is being fed from the Brown (old NTL) box outside on the front of the house. This TV point will not be used at all. I need to make 2 more points in 2 different rooms at the back of the house, which will then be the only 2 TV points being used.

What are the steps of extending the original Virgin media TV point?

I think i read that the "Distrubution amps" dont work with Virgin medias signal?? Is this true?

How would you split the TV Signal?

I dont want to use any wireless sender or like device.

Thanks all
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I'm not 100% on this but in my old flat when I had broadband added after having NTL tv they just installed one of those passive splitter and having jsut dismatled the NTL ditribution the previouse owners had installed very tastfully up the front of my house it is just using these passive splitters.

Although I'm not sure if they boost the signal from the other end if your splitting to several locations as you will lose signal strengh.


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I'm not sure about the legality of it, but splitting the signal is relatively easy, just use one of
these where the signal comes into your house. (In the little white box where the cable connects to your modem or set-top box)

The purists will tell you there'll be some signal loss, but if there is, I don't know of anyone who has complained about it.


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Hey Magicsid, like thefathacker said im not sure on the legality of it. But it shouldnt be too bad.
My setup consisted of one line being fed to one side of the house from the Omnibox (Brown box outside).
This was really inconvenient when moving the network around and the modem. The wireless signal was C**p. Hence the move.
I bought a splitter and added it to the Omnibox, then fed a new cable to the room where i relocated my modem. I also bought a Virgin Media white isolator box to make it look professional also.
Everything works brilliant so far *touch wood*.
You should be ok. Just get :
Splitter (dependant on how many cables you want to feed to number of rooms)
Satellite/Cable cable (length dependant obvs)

and fit it accordingly.
Jobs a gooden :D


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You shouldn't have a bad picture. But it does also depend on the length that your extending it to. A booster maybe in the equation also but just give it ago.

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