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Right, bear with me whilst I ask this, as it's probably not complicated to you lot, but I'm still learning!

I have a flat, where the only TV point is in the lounge. There are two bedrooms, and I wish to run an aerial point in each. In the master bedroom, I wish to run Sky Magic Eye so I can change channels from my bedroom, but the second bedroom only requires standard terrestrial channels.

In the lounge at the TV point, it has a normal terrestrial RF point, and one for the Sky feed. Obviously it being a block of flats, the signal is split between the three flats.

There is no other cabling in the house, but I currrently have all the skirtings off after having new flooring laid, so I can very easily run cabling round the flat if required.

Equipment wise, I have a 42" Samsung LCD in the lounge, with a yet to be decided surround setup DVD, and Sky+, and a 32" Samsung LCD to go in the bedroom with a simple Samsung surround setup with DVD player.

What is the most simple way to pipe the TV signal round the flat to do as described? I can manage the fitting of sockets and cable myself, so that is not an issue.

Will I need any sort of VHF/UHF amp before the signal is split?

Any help would be much appreciated....

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I'd recommend using "satellite" cable (CT100 or equivalent) to wire through from the lounge to your bedrooms. It'll minimise both losses and interference.

I'd connect the Sky+ box to the LCD via the RGB Scart for the best picture. Then I'd utilise both the RF outputs on the Sky box to pipe a signal to each of the bedrooms. Unless you have extremely long runs of cable, the amplified output of the Sky+ RF outputs shuld be enough on their own for your remote TV's, particularly as you won't be splitting the signal.

The RF2 on the Sky is the one that responds to the magic eye, so feed that to your main bedroom. If you do not want the 2nd bedroom to view Sky just don't tune it in!


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Exactly what I wanted to hear, as that seems to make the most logical sense.

Thanks for the helps - seems to have answered all my questions :thumbsup:

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