Extra scenes in BoB (spoilers)



I was watching Episode 3 Carentan of Band of Brothers last night and noticed that there are 3no. extra scenes in the taking of Carentan.

1. 15.50. Luz is clearing the building and encounters a cowering French family.

2. 17.15. When the 88's zero in on E company's position in the town a trooper has his foot blown off and is carried to safety by Bull.

3. 19.39. A priest is administering the last rites to wounded troopers under heavy fire much to Malarkeys amazment.

I'd be interested if anybody has watched any of the other episodes and noticed other extra scenes.

Fabulous picture and sound for a truly stunning series.


Sure, here's a few more..

(30.09 - 30:51) Liebgott and group of privates discuss getting rid of Sobel with a grenade. A worried Lipton listens in.

(33.00 - 34:52) Crossing the Atlantic; Guarnere and Liebgott scrap

(51.29 - 53:23) Winters rebukes Compton for gambling with the men / Winters & Meehan discover that Normandy is their destination

(9.00 - 10:13) Eugene Roe discusses his lack of supplies with another medic, Spina. (I’m not certain but I thought some brief shots of wounded soldiers seen during Roe’s first visit to the aid station were missing from the BBC version).

(48.28 - 50:28) - General McAuliffe’s classic ‘Nuts’ message to the Germans is read out to Easy Company in an effort to raise spirits. A morose Eugene listens from the sidelines.

(17:56 - 19:08) Compton warns Luz, Muck & Penkala ‘not to do anything stupid’. Muck tells them how he once swam the Niagra.

(21:09 - 22:53) Nixon gets a free pass to the States but declines so it’s 'awarded' to the worst member of Easy - Lt. Peacock.

(24:30 - 25:54) In a hilarious scene Muck explains the wounds suffered by Easy veterans to a curious replacement

(29:10 - 29:27) In an extension to an already existing scene Dike’s ineptness as leader is exposed by Compton

(40:06 - 40:24) Winters reports from his command post

(46:02 - 46:29) Lipton discovers a shell shocked private attempting to dig a foxhole with his bare hands

(48:05 - 49:45) Lipton expresses his misgivings about Dike to Winters.

Additional scenes too numerous to mention - from these and other episodes - have minor extensions eg. a line of dialogue here, an extra shot there.

Also in ‘The Breaking Point’ the climactic assault on Foy is extended by about 15 seconds.


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