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Hi, I am trying to buy some external TV speakers and amp for my Granddad who is hard of hearing. He has a 3 yr old Samsung 22" LCD and the sound is particularly thin. The T.V. is sitting on a small table that limits the size of the T.V. to a max of 24". There would be no room for speakers to be placed on the table, so I guess they would have to placed on the floor possibly tallboy speakers. Not sure. Budget under £300. I think the T.V. only has limited connections to come out from. Any help would be great. Thanks.


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While PSM1 is offering a good suggestion, it is probably best to determine precisely what Output the TV has before committing yourself to anything.

The options are -

- A headphone output

Lowest quality but the least complex.

- Analog AUDIO OUT

These are usually in the form of one RED and one White RCA Phono-style connector specifically marked AUDIO OUT, or have the symbol of a Circle with an Arrow pointing out of it.

- Digital AUDIO OUT

This is what most modern TVs have. But since the signal is digital, it needs to be converted back to an Analog form.

Fortunately, the Q Acoustic QTV2 will work with any of these options. But let's make sure you have them first.

The Q Acoustic QTV2 is a definite improvement over the tiny speakers found in most TVs. But it is itself not huge. If you are very limited for space, and budget, this is probably a good choice as it mounts to the back of most TVs.

But, if you have a bit of room, there are better more versatile choices for similar money. But they involve either separate amps and speakers, or active speakers with built-in amps.

Here are some examples, though there are many other similar options -

- Amp + Speakers -



- Active Speakers -

Audioengine A5+ Active Speakers (Pair) at Audio Affair

But, before you make any decision, you need to verify specifically what outputs are available to you.

That said, assuming there is nothing unusual about your TV, the Q Acoustic QTV2 seems to best fit the limitations you have.

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