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I just purchased Mac Mini M1 and looking to move from windows machine, I have some files that wanted to move from windows machine to SSD and that SSD will become external storage but need the files access by mac, what would be the best way to go about this, I know mac and windows using different partition formats but is there some sort of way around this? Also can someone please recommend sata ssd enclosures, disk in question in Samsung 1TB Evo.



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ExFat is the best format to use, FAT32 would also be readable by both but has file size limitations

Good guide here How to Format a Hard Drive For Both Windows and Mac
Which includes details on setting up a partition for time machine of you wanted to use it for backups as well.


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You can sign up to Apple's iCloud and get 5GB free. Or 200GB for £2.49 a month. Then simply access the plugged-in external storage with NO need to write/format it and transfer the files to iCloud. Then the files are there via your MacMini and you can always write them back into that (re-formatted) storage.


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Thanks, I have about 500gb of videos photos ect., so icloud subscription is bit pricey, I just ordered enclosure for the ssd so will use it that way, good thing there is a solution to formating the drive ect so files can be copied from windows and used on mac. I also have 1tb nvme drive that will be pulled from Windows machine but for now it has to stay there, is my first mac so we see how I get on with it first.

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