external hard drive


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does any 1 now if you can use a external hard drive with the 360 connected via usb 2 if so wat files will it pick up
is it likely to pick up dvd files saved on the external hard drive
looking on ye ol net some folks are saying that the external hard rive needs to be formated in fat 32 rather than ntfs has any one connected 1

Indiana Jones

The 360 can read an external hard drive but you can only view picture and music, you cant playback video.


My 360 reads my Crucial Gizmo 1Gb usb data key just fine - Indy is right tho, only sees pics and music.


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I have an external HD on my 360, just for music and pictures, I was hoping I could store my save games on it incase of emergency.

I made a fat32 partition and the 360 wouldn't see the HD, so after hours of mucking about realised that the partition needed to be logical or primary (can't remember which way around).

Now it works fine, but the 360 won't boot with the HD plugged into the usb port, even if the HD is switched off the 360 won't boot.

It's easier to stream stuff from the 360 imo, it won't be long before a decent media player is available.

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