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Hi, any reccomended external hard drives which play nice with large volumes of files for LG OLEDs + Nvidia shields ?


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With the Shield anything will do, you can format in exFAT, NTFS, EXT3/4 I believe.

With WebOS it only supports NTFS for large HDD's and users have tested up to 8TB drives working on WebOS 4.x (8 series) even if the OS says drive is only 2TB.

Any commercial USB HDD should suffice.


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Just piggy backing on this.
ANy tips for a decent HDD to hold old Football game recordings etc? (About 6/7gb each)
Im currently using Dropbox to store them but Im running out of space and need something decent that will last. Looking at around 3-4tb. I gave up on the external HDD game when I lost all data on a NAS about 7 years ago. I assume Western DIgital are still decent?

I have an Nvidia Shield to play these but just looking for something as close to rock solid as possible. What are external HDD like these days?

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