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Hi all,

My old hard drive broke a few weeks ago and I lost all my data. I was really annoyed as it was barely 12 months old. I got a refund and I am on the hunt for a new one.

I am looking for an external device, something to plug and in and keep plugged into the PC at all times. The PC is left on most of the time and so need something suitable for this. I’ve got my eyes on this:

Seagate 4 TB Expansion USB 3.0 Desktop 3.5 Inch External Hard Drive for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (STEB4000200)

What do you guys thing? Can you recommend anything?

Thanks in advance.


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Any advice would be appreciated.


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I have a large music and movie collection and I use the hard drive to store them and stream to various bevices around the house.


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Consider a NAS them as that would allow you to have the content available without the pc being on.

As both endless and I have said you still need a backup though either way.


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It’s good to know that all will suit my needs. What is a NAS?? I’ve not heard of that.

Also what is the difference between an external hard drive and a portable hard drive??

I know all can fail but I wondered if I had been using my old one incorrectly, which caused it to break, or whether I was just unlucky.


NAS = Network Attached Storage
Basically it is a low powered computer that can push out any data stored on it to any other device on your home network. Many can be setup as RAID that can offer 1 or more drive failures without loosing any data.

A portable hard drive is normally powered by the USB port, an external drive often has its own power supply.

Even the best HDD's can fail at any time. So if you don't want to loose it make sure it is backed up. They are fairly robust so unless throwing it out an upstairs window it could last for years. But equally a brand new drive could fail within the year, so you may have just been unlucky.



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Hi Mark,

Thanks for the explanation. I think NAS is definitely something that needs to be looked into.

It sounds like I’ve been unlucky with the previous hard drive. I will go for an external this time however, that one I linked to earlier is on sale and has more storage.

Thanks again everyone.


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External drives are simply all drives that are external, as opposed to the ones inside the computer.

Portable drives refers to those external drives that are powered by USB (traditionally the smaller ones). Mains powered drives (typically larger and higher capacity) are sometimes referred to as desktop external drives to distinguish them.


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Thanks for that. I ordered the Seagate I posted earlier, it had gone up by a tenner since posting but it has more space on it than the one that broke so hopefully it’ll do me well.

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