External hard drive into airport extreme


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Hi guys,

I am wanting to buy an external hard drive and plug it into my airport extreme so I can share it between the mac and PC.

External hard drives seem to have a reputation of randomly failing. Can an external hard drive be trusted to be plugged into the airport extreme and left on 24/7?

Also, what hard drives do people suggest? I was looking at the Western Digital Mybooks.

Thanks for any input!


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The fact that its plugged in won't necessarily mean its actually running 24/7, just available unless you have an app accessing it constantly or are using it as a web server etc.

There are lots of threads covering this on the board at the moment try searching - for the record I'm perfectly happy with my My Books.


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My AEBS and WD MyBook hard drive connection has been solid for over a year now. And with the MYBook's, they do power down when not in use over the network.

Don't believe all the negative comments you here about the AEBS and hard drives, most people who by them and they work don't shout about it, it's normally only the people with problems that post on forums like AVForums :smashin:

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I found the Extreme would lock up randomly if I used the drive too much. Could be just me though.

I get this too, drive will disappear from Finder then the Extreme will eventually lock up.

Was using it as a central backup /drop box at work (~6 iMac clients). Dropped the idea now.

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