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External Hard Drive Error


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I recently dismantled a spare computer for the hard drive, I put it in a intergral 2.0 caddy. It's a Seagate 160gb hard drive, Though I did a SLOW format using the Windows Seven built in formatter and it only shows 142gb?

It took about 2 hours to format, erasing the previous operating system (Windows Seven) and all of its contents.

From my original computer I put about 20 films on to the hard drive so I could just plug into the Playstation and watch them straight off the external.

( I usually watch my movies of a usb stick, But due to the limited size of 1gb I have some Blu Ray rips that exceed that so hence the external)

Now when I plug it in, It reconizes it fine, But it doesnt show any of the documents I put on it. It just comes up with a list of folders such as RAMTEST, HD TEST, DRIVERS etcetc. How can I get rid of these files and access the movies? When I plug the external in a computer it just shows the movies on there and no other files.

Apparently it could be the firmware of the caddy itself?
I find that hard to believe but its a possibility

Any help guys?


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is it playing your movies fine though?


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is your external drive fat32 ? does it show up at all is it partitioned?


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^ as above mate. Also have you tried pressing the triangle button as this will show all the info on your HDD. Or you could put them in folders but they have to be set up a specific way so your PS3 reads them. On your HDD create a folder entitled 'PS3' and in that folder you create 'VIDEOS', 'MUSIC', 'PHOTOS'. Must be in caps. This will eliminate the need to have to press the triangle button.




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You must make sure that the HDD is formatted to fat32 or the ps3 will not recognise it.

I used this free program to do mine and it took a matter of minutes to format a 500GB external HDD.

Ridgecrop Consultants Ltd

You can go down the PS3 folders route, but I find it easiest to just drop the files ie movies/music/photo's onto the external drive, plug it into your PS3 and press triangle on the external drive icon under category you want ie VIDEO, then click DISPLAY ALL. Works for me everytime.


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No problem. Glad to help a new member! :hiya:

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