External hard drive back up and xbox360 question....western digital passport

Hi all,

just after a little bit of advice, im looking to back up all my photos and music from my laptop to an external drive,

im looking to be able to play all these pics and music back via my xbox360 and be able to download these files back onto a new laptop if needed.

will a western digital passport fulfill all my needs and be a good companion with the xbox?

i may be wrong and apoligies if i am but i dont think the xbox recgonises other hard drives apart from the xbox 360 ones sorry if i am wrong :L
does anyone else know this?


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I use my Western Digital Passport to play media through my Xbox 360 on an almost daily basis and have no issues at all. I just plug it in to the USB port on the front and let it do it's thing. It works perfectly ;)

You may need to download an update from Xbox Live to play some video files but this only takes a couple of seconds though.


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It should work fine, only caveat is the HDD has to be formatted to FAT32 for the Xbox to be able to read it.
thanks guys so if I dump all my music, pictures over to the hard drive and leave it plugged in I can access it from the dashboard at anytime?

reason I ask is I cant get my media player to recognize the xbox on the network so cant stream. plus need somewhere to back up all my files.

finally can I move all my music and photos back onto a new laptop in the future?


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Yup, you can leave it plugged in all the time and access anytime from the dashboard. You cna even play music while you play a game and access it from the guide button to skip track etc. You can also plug it straight back into the laptop to put it all back on there - the Xbox won't change any files, just read them.

I tried using Media Centre to play through my Xbox but had trouble with it. It was really slow and took ages to respond to me pressing buttons (play, skip track etc).

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