External Hard Drive advice!


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Looking to purchase an external hard drive 500gb to 1tb

Some say they work with laptops, but the ones that work with laptops work with normal tower pc's?

And vice-a-versa.

I would prefer it to be portable and also want it to be as easy as drop and drag files.

thanks in advance for advice.


The distinction is the requirement for an external PSU or not. It doesn't matter if it is a desktop PC or a laptop.

Desktop external drive enclosures require an external PSU. This is because the drives they house are higher current 3.5" disks. Too high a current for the USB connection to supply.

Portable external drive enclosures generally do not require an external PSU, although PSUs are sometimes available. They house lower current 2.5" or 1.8" drives. They get their power from the USB connection. Some come with a double USB lead if your USB ports are low powered.

It sounds like you want an external portable disk that will run without a PSU. Look at 500MB or 640MB models, 1TB drives are double the price of 640MB. Personally, I'd recommend the Seagate Freeagent or Toshiba StorE both have metal casing that help dissipate the heat.

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