External Enclosure for my BD-ROM


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Cheers John. What size BD player do I have btw?


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5.25 inch ;)
I realise that from the link but I ment what does the 5.25" refer to as it doesnt measure that. I thought maybe the 3.5" it also said.


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The size of the bay harks back to the "old" PC days and is a measure of the media accepted by the drive, in this case, 5.25 inch floppy disks. The width of a 5.25 inch bay drive is closer to 6 inches wide. The 3.5 inch bay is for standard sized hard drives.


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5.25 enclosures are less common these days, but you should be able to get one with a suitably-rated PSU.... sometimes the PSU is external but that's possibly an advantage thermally.
Whilst USB2 is probably OK, if you can go for one with USB3, provided yr computer will accept the other end ( of the USB3 cable ), also.
I do find the Power + USB leads can be rather easily disconnected, so you may need to think of a way to make this more secure, esp. as USB3 leads are rather stiffer than USB2...

+That BD drive should also be capable of burning CD and DVD media.

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