external dvd drives?



looking for an external dvd drive for my htpc

must be under £100 and available in the UK

does anyone know where to point me?



Why does it have to be external?
You'll pay a high price for an external unit.

You can get yourself a good Pioneer DVD Rom drive for around £50 now. Just replace your CD Rom drive with this chap.

You might also find that most external units are either SCSI or USB and if you don't have either then your snookered.


i need external so that i can hide the case of my pc away, as it is quite noisy.

i have usb, scsi isnt a problem in getting

the reason i came up with sub£100 is that i can get a external cdrw on usb2.0 with a 2 port usb2.0 card for under £100 but i would prefer to get a dvd rom then get an internal cdrw for another pc on the home network


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why dont you buy an external firewire case.
I have a pyro drive kit , bought from pc world although you can get it cheaper online ( around £80 ).
there is a fan inside it but i have diconected it as i am using a dvdr and not a hard drive so it doesnt need it, so guess you will be the same.
silent , dont have to worry about bandwidth, and you can have just about any cable length you require.

www.pc500.net also do some external cases.

and as it takes any ide drive it makes firmware hacks etc easy,as you can put them in your machine, although i did flash a plextor cdr while it was in the case and that was fine. and if you want to upgrade you dvd at a later date you just slide a new one in.

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