external drive wont show up in windows 7

i have removed a 60 gb hd from my ps3 formatted it to fat 32 and it works on xp 2000 vista my tv as an attached device and my ps3 as an external drive it however will not show up as a drive in windows 7 it shows that a device is connected to the usb port but no drive shows up anywhere was just wondering appart from installing vista on another partition if this was a known problem in windows 7 or when the full release arrives later this month which i have pre ordered will that have the problem sorted ?

help would be appreciated !!!!!!! :lease:

have also posted this in windows 7 forum as wasnt entierly sure where to put it if a mod could delete the wrong one and leave the right one that would be great !! :thumbsup:


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have you gone into administrative tools,
then computer management,
then click on storage / disk management

if you drive is there,
then check to see if it has a drive letter or not,
if it hasnt then give it a drive letter and it should appear...

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