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External Drive Questions

Monkey Alan

Active Member
I'm thinking of removing my internal 1tb drive and placing it in an external caddy outside the box using a long sata cable as some have already done. Some questions...

Is it best to use the caddies own power supply to power the drive or to extend the internal molex connection?

Is it ok to leave the hdd's power supply disconnected inside the case and use the caddies power?

Will the drive spin down ok if I use the caddies power?

Many thanks.


Active Member
It's an extra wall wart, but use an external PSU, your box will thank you in the long run. Less power = less heat & less drain on the internal PSU

You can safely leave the power connector disconnected inside the box, the box will not recognise it's not connected to a drive.

The spin down on the drive is a function of the drives firmware, not the Sky box. When the drive doesn't receive a read/write request for a set period of time, it will effectively snooze. The snooze time is adjustable on some drives, although you do have to connect it to a PC/Laptop to configure this.

Monkey Alan

Active Member
I would have thought the hdd should be cooler outside the box, although you do lose the fan these caddies are designed to work passively if well ventilated.

My main reason for doing this is for backups although reduced heat will help with stability ect.

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