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External Display - No Signal. Please Help!


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Right, so everything was working fine before. I had my laptop (Dell Precision M6300) using my TV (LCD19ADVDW) as a second display using a DVI-D to HDMI cable.

But then I tripped over the wire and ruined the HDMI end of the lead. Since then I bought a new DVI-D to HDMI wire, but it doesn't work! The TV displays no signal and my computer says that it cannot detect the TV.

It's been frustrating me for weeks now and I really want to get it sorted.
It should all work fine as I've tested the HDMI port of the TV with another device and I've also tried the laptop port and new DVI-D to HDMI with a different TV and that works fine too. So I'm really at a loss to understand what's going on here...

I've even bought a VGA to YPbPr lead and again there is no signal or detection. It's like my PC/Graphics card has banned my TV.

I'm using Windows 7 Proffessional 64 bit. My graphics card is a NVidia Quadro FX 1600m.

Any help here would be appreciated, thanks!
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it bis possible that when you tripped over the cable you shorted out the HDMI utput and it has burnt out.

could your replacement HDMI-> DVI-D caable be a bad one?

Can you beg borrow or otherwise aquire another.

what about trying a monitor direct? I presume the Laptop is DVI-D out and theTV is HDMI in.


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Both the new HDMI->DVI-D cable and my computers DVI-D port have been tested with another TV and they work. Also, the HDMI port on my current TV has been tested with a DVD player and works.

So all should work. But, the TV and Computer seem to not want to detect one another.

Could it be that the HDMI->DVI-D cable is wrong for this particular TV...perhaps it needs to be analog or something?? I'm at a complete loss.

Also, the VGA->YPbPr cable doesn't work...and that should be completely different, no?

And yes, the laptop is DVI-D out and the TV is HDMI in.

Here are the cables I have bough:

OLD DVI->HDMI (Worked perfect) -- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270582012200

NEW DVI->HDMI (Doesn't work) -- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=190505277388

VGA->YPbPr (Doesn't work either) -- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/5M-VGA-SVGA-3...uting_CablesConnectors_RL&hash=item414c65ff9e
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I would suspect the cable - try another from a different supplier

Ensure it is DVI-D, the first (working ) mentioned in the text the second (non-working) mentioned it in the title but not the text.


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OK. Thankyou. I guess I'll just buy a similar one to first working one...

But do you have any idea why the VGA->YPbPr does not work? It's a completely connection. Is it again something to do with digital/analog signals?

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It's possible that you've disturbed the seating of the graphics card.

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