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I have Edifier S1000mk2 which are powered active bookshelf speakers. they are connected via optical cable directly to PC motherboard integrated sound card and sometimes I head a loud static pop and was wondering what might be causing it? On the same question I was thinking to get a dac (ifi zendac v2) just because I want to easily switch speakers between PC/laptop. Meaning I would switch from optical to usb/line in. Would this be a stupid idea to connect speakers to zendac since active speakers do have their own integrated amp/dac ?

P.S. correct me if any expressions sound stupid as I am not an audio expert and was trying best to explain what I mean :)


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Hi i have some Edifier speakers (R1800T111) on my desk connected to my pc and i switched the feed from the motherboard to usb out to a Pro-ject pre box S2 digital and the sound was way better.
All so this dac can do MQA if that's something you want / need.

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^ agree with what raptor says here.

The Pre Box S2 Digital has a phenomenal ESS Sabre 9038 dual mono chipset.
We use this in the showroom with some of the CD Transports to show the difference a dedicated DAC can bring to a setup (vs that of an integrated for example).

USB, Optical and Digital COAX to RCA. Selectable filters and volume control is a nice feature (it can be a pre-amp) and headphone stage.

That said - the iFi ZEN DAC v2 is great sounding but it doesn't have an optical input. It's simply a USB DAC for the PC/USB connected source.


thanks. are you suggesting I should be using power adapter to power pre box s2 and connect speakers via optical connection rather than usb/rca ?


1 more question. is it possible that this is Itunes (apple music) on MAC in this picture? Or is it some other stream service? Because I have iTunes on Windows and I do not see Bitrate & MQA mentioned when tried same song:



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The bar at the top looks more like iOS than MacOS to me so it's more likely an iPad I'd have thought


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If you haven't already got the DAC, then I would say that the best thing you could do when looking for a DAC is look for one which uses an AISO driver. Programs like jRiver enable you to get the best out of your home material (however it's quite poor for streaming) allowing you to even use kernel sections of the software. You can also maximise the performance timing to with a little work. Something I have to say when you get it right is quite amazing and myself, I've struggled to heard a better sound going down this route unless you are spending a serious amount on a CD player

I use a Teac DAC at home and today's equivalent is the UD-505 (they do have a networking unit to NT-505 although it's not as capable to my ears). I've also had the benefit of trying DAC's costing double this unit and it simply walks all over them in my opinion (of the ones I've played with at least). A very underrated product and if used with really good electronics, it will really shine. One word of warning though, if your electronics aren't up to the job, it will sound quite mediocre and similar to its other similarly priced competitors as it really strived on pairing it with quality component which I feel is why some people always forget about it as it simply runs to those products maximum ability

If you are using a PC/laptop, look at a program called fidelizer, it's one of the simplest pieces of software which really works for bringing life to your music

As for the screen dump, It looks like iOS however, I'm not 100%. I've opened iTunes on the PC and mine looks nothing like it. The aspect looks like it could be an iPad especially with the battery percentage font

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