Question External Amp advice for Denon x4200


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Advice please folks:
I have a Denon X4200W running a 7.1 set up. I would like to add two upfiring Atmos speakers to make it effectively 7.1.2, however the amp will require an external amplifier powering the additional speakers via the pre out.
Can anybody recommend a good budget priced amp for this purpose?
I'm not sure if it is cost effective to find one or sell the 4200 and seek out a 5200.

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Pretty much any amp will do. Do you have a spare one hanging around? You won't need an awful lot of power for two atmos modules. You can configure it once, in regard to the cabling and the volume / gain then leave it. If it has a trigger or remote control, that would make it easier to power on and off with the main system, if not, you could just leave it permanently powered on, or use the power button manually.

If you are looking for budget options, you could look at the pro audio amps from makes such as Behringer and Crown, which are very much lower cost than amps aimed at the hi-fi market, but generally not quite as pretty.


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Thank you, very much appreciated.
Any further inexpensive amp recommendations will be appreciated.
I'm thinking of PSB Imagine XA speakers.
If anybody has any views on the quality of these I would appreciate it.

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