External 2TB from Humax Direct


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I bought one of these and started to copy back some files transferred using an old external disk.
However it stopped saying no more space.

I then put the drive onto the Humax and find that I can only copy files less than 4GB.

I assume therefore that the drive is formatted (by Humax) as FAT32 rather than EXT3.

Can I just reformat as EXT3 or is there some reason Humax would have formatted using FAT32?

It does seem a little strange that they take the trouble to format it for compatability but then choose a format that doesn't allow for large files. Not talking about mammoth recordings - just longer than average films.


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Every chance Humax don't format the drives at all they will come with FAT32 for compatibility with everything. Just reformat EXT3.


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Humax do format these drives.

They include a letter telling the purchaser that they have done and not to worry about the packaging not being sealed.
The letter states that the formatting can be done in many ways so Humax have taken the trouble to format and test specifically for use with the Humax units.

Shame they couldn't use the best format :facepalm:

I suppose it is more portable if you need to swap between Humax and PC's and you don't have the ability to use EXT3 on your PC.

They really should include more info.

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