Extention twin phoho cable question??


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Hi, I have a pioneer LX82 receiver and I want to ad a turntable to it.
Its a "Project" turntable and has a twin phono lead with a grounding "C" type connector on it (hope that makes sense?).
Unfortunately they are not long enough to reach the Receiver, so I would like to extend them.
Does anyone know of an extension phono with a grounding wire, that will do the job for me anywhere?:lease:


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Have a Project Deck myself.

The grounding wire with the Spade connectors is just run up the middle of the two RCA phono leads.

Combo leads like this are hard to come by and when you do they are 1.5 meters just like in the box.

What I would do in your case is just get a set of RCA phono leads of the correct length , then use these ,

Pro Series HQ Pair of Gold Plated Speaker Cable Spade: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics

and some speaker wire to make the ground connection. It works just fine.

Extending phono leads with male to female etc. can be very hit and miss , and is very prone to mains hum and the like , so best to avoid doing that if possible.
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Thank you Andy, I'll get round to doing your recommend tomorrow. :smashin:

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