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    having just got some sennheiser hd 25-sp's on advice from 'GRIF', for my portable dvd player :smashin: i'm happy to use them with my denon gear for music and some medusa's i've got for films,with a view to getting some hd 555's later (presuming it's worth the upgrade over the 25's?). thing is i've been hunting for a headphone extension cable and can only find either cheapos for a couple of quid or the grado/sennheiser HZ R62 for £25ish as mentioned in other threads.anyone know of any somewhere inbetween? i'm leaning towards the sennie ones as everyone goes on about a drop in quality with extension leads but bearing in mind the hd 25 sp's are the best i've owned to date, is an average joe such as myself really going to notice ? i know it's all subjective and all that but any guidence would be appreciated.cheers.

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